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We are one of the very few farms in the world that grows food in a hundred percent natural and organic way. From day one we have not drifted apart from our ideologies and have always stuck on to doing the same.

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The Farm is entirely owned by us, and hence there are no third parties to intervene in the process that is being carried out.


We were, we are, and we will always be committed to providing good quality products from our farm.


We might have incorporated some newer strategies, but we make it a point to stick to traditions that have been followed for generations.

Vegetables Grown In Healthy Soil

They say vegetables are healthy. There are no second thoughts on that. But it is not just the vegetable, the place and the way that they are grown also plays a major role in it. Since we are not using any kind of artificial fertilizers, our soil is very healthy.



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Ficus tree

Ficus Tree is a native of Asia and Australia. There are a lot of mentions about the ficus tree in ancient Indian Ayurveda. The finest quality ficus tree is grown on our farm.


The tomatoes that are grown in our farm are one of the best in the world, and we make sure to grow in a very natural way.


The corn maze from our farm is regarded as one of the best as it is exceptional in every way that you can think of.

Chilli Peppers

If you are looking out for the finest quality chilli peppers this is the ideal place where you can get them.


Peppers add a very different taste to any food. We are sure that we have the finest quality peppers that can elevate both the appearance and the taste of the food.

Wild Olive

Everyone knows what are all the benefits that olive brings us. We bring to you the best olives grown in the most natural ways.

Latest News From Organic Blog

  • It can be so hard to heat in a healthy way these days with so many carbohydrate loaded foods and sugar-packed beverages. Breakfast options can especially be hard when you want something that you can consume on the go. This is why people are realizing the health benefits of juicing and how easy it can be to make fresh juice.

    Health Benefits Of Juicing

    There are tons of juicers on the market such as the popular Breville 800JEXL, but no matter what type of juicer you have, it is a far better option than buying pre-bottled juices at the grocery store. When you combine fresh fruits and vegetables with some of the best juicers on the market, you are benefiting from all the nutrients and vitamins that they contain. Some foods that you can juice are so nutrient dense that they can be used as a meal replacement. Juicing allows you to come up with many great flavors when you combine fruits and vegetables together. There are thousands of recipes you can find in books or for free online. So not only are you getting the health benefits of juicing, but you also get a beverage that is great tasting. benefits of juicing

    Health Benefits Of Juicing Carrots

    When you think of vegetable juice, the first thing that likely pops into your head is tomato or carrot juice. There is a reason carrot juice is so popular and it's due to the many health benefits of carrot juice. Vitamin C is a very important vitamin out body needs and carrots are packed with it. Carrots also give you an excellent dose of potassium which helps with skin, muscle movement and much more. If you are looking for a quick meal and you are on a juicing weight loss plan, then carrot juice is perfect because it is so low in calories. You can easily stay under 100 calories with a glass of carrot juice, but you will feel any hunger subside for a few hours. Calcium is also an essential mineral in your diet and carrot juice provides all you need on a daily basis. As you can see when it comes to juicing it is all around a great way to stay healthy. We just discussed one food here, Carrots, but the options are endless. There are hundreds of recipes that you could combine carrots with, but there are even more foods out there to experiment with. Be sure to have a powerful juice extractor such as one of the many Breville juicer models so you get the best juice. Some juicers are better than others at extracting all the nutrients, so be aware of this when you are looking to upgrade or buy your first juicer.

  • Let’s know how to pressure clean agricultural equipment.

    1. Choose the Right Pressure Washer
    The pressure washer helps you clean and preserve the farming tools and equipment. Various other options are used but they are time taking. Pressure washers save you a lot of time by fixing the cleaning issues within minutes. However, in order to use the pressure washers, the first thing you need to do is to choose the washer of right quality, and standard size. Not all pressure washers are equal and of the best quality. A person who washes the equipment twice or thrice a year will be fine with an entry-level pressure washer. Whereas a person who has often use of pressure washer should choose one with better quality. The quality or standard of your pressure washer also depends on the size of the tools and equipment you have to clean. For bigger equipment, you must have a pressure washer of the right size. In case of further help, you can read the online guides about pressure washers.clean tractor
    1. Sanitation and Safety Needs
    It is also important to consider the safety and sanitation needs while choosing as well as using the pressure washers. Hot water is mostly used in the washers because it helps kill and disinfect the bacteria, germs and harmful pesticides. Cold water is never recommended as it doesn’t serve the purpose to the fullest. Experts also recommend to not keep the livestock or your animals near the pressure washer. Dairy items should be cleaned with great care as they are widely used for drinking and storing edible products. Apart from this, the users should be careful about the gas pressure washers. They release toxic chemicals or gases which can be dangerous for the environment and your health. To avoid this issue, electric pressure washers are recommended which offer a safe and reliable solution. They also maintain safety and sanitation needs thus keeping you comfortable.
    1. Cleaning Equipment
    Cleaning the farming or agriculture equipment is the most important aspect. You should prepare the pressure washer. Make sure it is fine and works. There should be power connection to run the pressure washer. It should also contain hot or warm water. With hot water, you can clean the equipment in a better way. Steam capable hot water is also used in the pressure washers. It is even a better idea because it helps you clean the equipment comprehensively. Get rid of dirt, dust and any other particles with steam hot water. It uses less water but performs way better than any other option. Nowadays, various accessories and attachable wands are also available for the pressure washers. They are really handy when it comes to using the pressure washers. With these accessories, you will not need to bend, stretch your arm or move from one position to another to pick things up. They let you perform all the tasks within the reach of your hands. With these accessories, you can improve safety, increase output as well as clean the equipment in the perfect way.

  • If you are thinking that you are leading a very healthy life, you need to think again. With every bite that you take you are actually taking a lot of chemicals. Gone are the times when farming was done in natural procedures. The lands have lost their potential, and people who are in the farming profession have adopted different methods for better production. In the present situation getting your hands on food that is hundred percent organic is luxury.  Hence the easiest way to have organic food is to grow things by yourself. In this article, we will see some of the tips to grow your own organic vegetable garden.

    Prepare the soil

    The first thing that you need to do is prepare the soil. It is because there are a lot of plants that cannot survive the poor quality services. If the soil is prepared properly before planting you will actually make sure that the plants grow properly. All you need to do is spend a couple of minutes every day by adding some organic manure and organic waste to it.

    Choose the right plants

    There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration, before selecting the plants. It is because different plants require different climatic conditions. Hence get the required information on what are the things that can be planted. Do not jump into conclusions with having the proper information. If you are taking impulsive decisions, there are good possibilities that you might end up with the wrong plant.

    Protect the plants

    Make sure that the plants are safe from all kinds of harm. It is important that you take the necessary steps to make the insects and pests to stay away from the plants. To make the insects stay away from plant flowers near your organic garden which will attract the insects more. For the pests to stay away, use natural pest repellents. Do not go for the artificial ones as it is against the concept of organic gardening.

    Use organic manure

    This one of the important things that you need to follow when it comes to organic farming.  If you are using manure use the ones that are 100% natural. It will be a lot better if you can prepare them on your own. You can do it by collecting organic waste daily from your home. If not there are also shops where you can get some organic waste.

    Purchase seeds from reputed stores

    When you are purchasing seeds buy them from trusted stores. In most of the shops, the organic seeds will be certified. You should know that organic seeds are a bit expensive when compared to the normal ones. You can get them from shops, or you can get them from the local farmer market. If you are making the wrong decision in this issue, there is no point in growing an organic vegetable garden as things will not be organic.    

    1. Fresh Fruits and Veggies
    One of the best benefits of buying from the local farmers’ market is that you would find extremely fresh fruits and vegetables there as compared to those in supermarkets. The fruits and veggies in the supermarket are several or a few days old and some are quite near to their expiration date. While on the other hand, with the use of vacuum sealers, the veggies and fruits on the stalls of farmers’ market were picked earlier in the morning and are super fresh.
    1. Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Easily Available
    There are some fruits and vegetables that ripe only in a particular season and as soon as the season starts your craving for them starts too. However, sometimes the grocery stores do not have all the seasonal fruits and vegetables whereas, farmers’ market would be full of super fresh and all the seasonal fruits and vegetables, usually stored in a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer.
    1. Much More Affordable
    Getting fresh and tastiest fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price is all you want. Local farmers sell herbicide and pesticide free food at a much-reduced price. You can also ask the farmers about the methods of cultivation and then decide whether or not you should buy from them.
    1. Much Safer Food
    The food being sold in the local farmers’ market is much safer because it is produced with much care and is extremely fresh thanks to a few of the best vacuum sealers. Usually, fruits and veggies in the grocery store get attacked by the airtight plastic bags in which they tend to be preserved or some other similar reasons. foodsaver vacuum sealer
    1. Better Variety
    Farmers have all the seasoned fruits and vegetables, there would be some types of fruits and veggies that you would see for the first time. It is a great benefit of farmers’ market that you can get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in one place.
    1. Organic Food
    Organic foods are actually very healthy for you. Most of the farmers use organic ways to grow the fruits and vegetables for you to benefit from the highest quality organic food. Look for the non-chemical label because that’s what indicates the seed were unmodified and the fruit is organic. Not only it promotes your healthy lifestyle, but it is also very healthy and safer to our planet too which is much needed these days.
    1. More Nutritious
    The reason, farm foods are very nutritious and healthy is because they don’t have preservatives on them. The usual food may travel 1500 km before you can taste it which means they need to be preserved by applying preservatives. Nutrients are rich in farm and freshly ripe foods that are healthy for the body.
    1. Better in Taste
    Believe it or not, food from the farmers’ market tastes 100% fresh and delicious than the food you would find in the supermarket. If you visit a farmers’ market, you will get to see how vibrant and beautiful all of the fruits and vegetables look and taste even better. The product found at these markets are in the freshest condition you will find them, and you will be amazed what difference it makes.


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