Can I change my share type/size

Because your payment amounts will change if anything on your account is changed, we need to be able to assist you so that we can rearrange your payments on our end to be sure that you are making payments for the correct amount. We wouldn’t want you to switch from a Large Share to a Mini Share and still be making payments towards a Large Share! Contact us at and we would be happy to help.


I'm going on vacation! What are my options?

We require 48 hours notice prior to your delivery if you wish to cancel your share(s). If you do not give us 48 hours notice, your account will be charged for the cost of the share(s)  and you waive the right to reschedule delivery or receive a replacement share, and your share(s) will be donated to a local foodbank/shelter.

However, if you do contact us 48 hours prior to your delivery, we can hold onto your box and send a replacement another week (i.e. if you receive a Small and Fruit Share, you can receive 2 Small Shares and 2 Fruit Shares to make up for your missed week- this is especially handy when you have guests visiting or are planning to feed a large amount of people!). 

Another option would be to ask a friend that is still in town, to stop by your dropsite and grab your box. They can tuck it in your fridge for you, or you can let them enjoy it! 

Can I change my dropsite?

Yes! We would prefer that you change your dropsite yourself, but we can of course help you, if you are having trouble. If you log into your account on our website,  and look to the right-hand side of the page you will see something that looks similar to the image on the right. 

If you click on the “Change Location” button, you will be taken to another screen where you can choose your new location. Click the “Save Changes” button and once you’re back to the original screen, be sure to click on the “Pick-Up Directions” tab to find out the address and any other instructions for your new dropsite.

Please note: In order for you to switch dropsites, you must change them 24 hours prior to your delivery day and 24 hours after your delivery day. Otherwise, you (and we) will be locked out of the system. It helps if you just keep in mind to change your dropsite on the Saturday before/after your delivery.  

I ordered something in the webstore. When can expect to receive it?

You should have received a confirmation email letting you know the date that your items will arrive with your regular delivery. Sometimes they are packed inside your box- sometimes they are packed separately. Please check that you have all of your items before leaving your dropsite.  

My payment didn’t go through, what do I do now?

Please contact our office: 360-273-2033 or 

Can I sign up for just a Fruit Share/Cheese Share/Yogurt Share?

We do not allow members to only purchase our partner shares without purchasing a full season share that our farm produces. Because the Fruit Share is supplied by OPMA, the Cheese Share is supplied by local cheesemakers, etc. the profit is not going into our farm. Although, by purchasing shares from our partner farms/makers, you are supporting local makers and growers, we give our full-season members access to purchase these shares as a benefit to those that are helping our own farm to thrive. 


How can I get delivery to my home/work?

We would love to deliver to areas where there is interest for a CSA dropsite! If you would like to start a dropsite at your home or business, we will first need to verify that it follows all of our dropsite qualifications. If so, then we just need to at least 8 members to sign up, and then we can begin delivering to you. Please contact us if you are interested in starting a dropsite! Also, we do offer Home Delivery to various locations throughout Seattle, Olympia, and Portland. 

There is a negative balance on my account… what does that mean?

Unfortunately, a negative balance means that you owe us money. This is likely due to a payment that didn’t go through. You can contact our office to take a look at your account and we can figure it out together!  

How do I use a credit on my account?

You could have two different types of credit on your account. If you have Farmigo Credits, you can only use that credit in our webstore (when you click the “Shop” link on our website, that is our webstore). You could also have a general credit on your account from an overpayment or a missed delivery. You can contact us if you would like to use those credits, and we can put it towards purchases from our farm, or roll it over as a credit for our next season. Please note: if you have a negative balance on your account that is not a credit. 

Why can’t you send out the packing list of vegetables before the day of my delivery? I need to plan my grocery store trip!

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not send out early packing lists for any of our shares. Due to the amount of boxes that we pack each packing day, we are often shifting the lists around to make sure that each share is getting adequate produce. We fear that if we were to send out the packing list before the day of packing, it would not always be correct. Thank you for your patience!  Our weekly newsletter is packed with recipes to inspire your meals from each week’s box and if there is ever something that you don’t know what to do with- give us a call! We would suggest keeping a few key items on hand so that you can deal with any produce you have in your box: quality Olive Oil, butter, various types of cheese (we like to keep a crumbly cheese like feta, a melting cheese like cheddar, and a shaving cheese like asiago in our refrigerator), and a good hearty broth in your freezer or pantry. We think you’ll find that you can sauté, grill, fry, bake, or make a soup out of any vegetable we send your way.

What is the deal with the plastic bags at my dropsite? Sometimes they are too long, sometimes too short, and sometimes they are gone!

We provide plastic produce bags at our dropsites as a convenience to our members. We have been looking for an alternative to use, so as not to rely on plastic, but for the time being, we suggest investing in reusable produce bags to keep your produce crisp and fresh in your refrigerator. If you are out of produce bags at your dropsite, please contact us.

My account is confusing! How can I tell what is going on with my payments? 

 Here are a couple examples to help you understand what is going on in your account when you log in.


 The first example shows a balance of $20.00. If you look in the Summary box on the right side of the screen, you will see a list of everything this member is signed up for. On the left side of the screen is a list of payments. The credit column is for payments, the debit column is for what you have received. Once the season has begun, you will start to see a debit amount everytime you receive your CSA. If there is a positive balance, like in the example above, it means that there has been an overpayment, and that is a credit on your account. 

In the example below, you can see what your account will look like once the seaon has begun. Notice that the amounts in the credit column reflect how much each delivery is worth (i.e. 1 Fruit Share, 1 Small Share, 1 Flower Share are worth $60 per delivery because the Fruit Share is $20/delivery, the Small Share is $30/delivery, and the Flower Share is $10/delivery, so $20+$30+$10=$60.00) 

This example below shows a negative balance of -$855.00. You will notice that there has been a $55.00 payment, a $25.00 complimentary payment, and there is a pending $25.00 payment. Unfortunately, these payments do not add up to the full amount that these shares are worth for the season. The negative balance tells us that there is still $855.00 owed to our farm, and that a payment plan for that amount needs to be set up. If you notice a negative balance on your account, please contact our farm so that we can help you to set up a payment or payment plan to take care of the amount that you owe. Or you can make a payment towards that amount by clicking the “Make Payment” button on the right hand side of the screen or by sending us a check.


              360-273-2033: 12013 & 12231 Independence Road SW Rochester, WA 98579
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