Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) = A 5% discount for your household + a living wage for the farmers

As a Helsing Junction Farm CSA member you’ll enjoy our farm fresh vegetables and fruit at every meal and spend less on your grocery bill. CSA memberships include farm news, photos and lots of recipes for making simple, elegant meals with each week’s produce. Join our CSA for the season and receive 20 weeks of homegrown produce, delivered to over 50 convenient drop sites in the Puget Sound area and Portland. Delivery begins in June!

Choose weekly delivery of our Mini, Small or Large vegetable shares and add any optional shares you might like.

Click on any of the shares below to see size comparisons:

$25 per week
20 weeks
Feeds 1-2 people

$30 per week
20 weeks
Feeds 2-3 people

$40 per week
  20 weeks
Feeds 3-4 people
In addition to our vegetable shares, you can purchase flowers, vegetables for storage and preserving, fruit, yogurt, sauerkraut or pastured chicken.
From our farm:
Healing Share
$30 per week/ 20 weeks
The Healing Share emphasizes foods that fight inflammation and does not contain produce that may promote it, such as nightshades like tomatoes or peppers.
Healing Shares contain 9-11 items per week, this is what we aim to provide on a weekly basis:
-Items to be eaten out of hand such as cucumbers, radishes, carrots or snap peas
-Broccoli, broccolini, cauliflower or cabbage
-Root vegetables such as baby turnips, parsnips or celery root when in season
-Onions, shallots, green onions or leeks
-2 bunches of greens a week
-1 to 2 heads of the twelve kinds of lettuce we grow
-1 bunch of fresh herbs
-Plus other fleeting seasonal treats such as strawberries, snow peas, watermelon or winter squash
The Healing Share does not contain any tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, tomatillos or eggplant.

Paleo Share

$30 per week/20 weeks
Enjoy weekly deliveries of your Dr. Cordain-approved Paleo favorites, with an emphasis on low glycmic index vegetables. Our paleo boxes contain an ample supply of hearty vegetables and greens. These shares do not contain green beans, potatoes or sweet corn.

Snack Share
$25 per week/20 weeks
For those of you who don't have time to cook, this share is meant to be eaten out of hand and is a munchable combination of vegetables and fruit. From strawberries to snow peas to Sungold cherry tomatoes, this box will contain the best seasonal snacks our farm has to offer.

Juice Share 
$30 per week/8 weeks
Juice Shares are delivered every other week beginning in July, for a total of 8 deliveries. It includes a variety of seasonal vegetables, leafy greens and fruits for juicing. Our super fresh and nutrient rich produce makes amazing juice and smoothies!

Flower Share

$12.50 per week/12 weeks
Enjoy 12 weeks of our huge vibrant organic flower bouquets featuring Asiatic and Oriental lilies, sunflowers, lavender, asters, snapdragons,
gladiolas and an assortment of unique perennials and grasses. At only $12.50 a week, these 25+ stem bouquets are a great deal and long lasting too!

Bulk Share
$50 per share, 3 deliveries
Bulk shares contain a half flat of strawberries, 10# of Yukon Gem storage potatoes and 1# of basil (enough to make 10-12 half-pints of pesto). Bulk shares are delivered to your drop site at 3 different times over the course of the season.

Storage Share
$50 per share, 1 delivery
Storage shares contain 5# of potatoes, 8# winter squash (4-5 squash), 5# of carrots, 3# of leeks/parsnips, 3# apples and 1 pie pumpkin. Storage shares are delivered week 17 or 18.

Canning Share
$50 per share, 3 deliveries
Canning Shares contain 5# green beans, 5# Red Ace beets and 10# pickling cucumbers. Pickling dill and garlic are included in the Canning Shares. Canning Shares are delivered at 3 different times over the course of the season.

Chef Share
$50 per week/18 weeks

Chef Shares bring the best of our farm season directly to your restaurant at wholesale prices. Each week's delivery is composed of a generous amount of 4 types of vegetables with herbs to compliment.  All of our produce is vine-ripened, handpicked and brought to your door free of charge within 48 hours of harvest.

From our partners:
Fruit Share
$20 per week/15 weeks

The best vine ripened organic fruit the East side has to offer from OPMA, a co-op of 6 dedicated fruit growers in the Okanogan.
Our Fruit Share is designed to feed 2 to 3 people and will contain 2 to 4 varieties of fruit per week. Some of the types of fruit that are included in the share are peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums, pluots, apricots, blueberries, raspberries, apples, pears and grapes. Fruit Shares are delivered from early July through September and are delivered along side your CSA share.

August Farm Chicken Shares

Bi-Weekly or Weekly Delivery, 8 weeks or 17 weeks
These delicious whole chickens f
rom our neighbors at August Farm are raised on pasture, allowed plenty of room to free-range and fed only certified organic feed. They make an excellent meal, great soup stock and a tasty addition to your CSA share. Delivered to your dropsite or home, along with your other shares, they are available as a weekly (17 weeks) or bi-weekly share (8 weeks). 

Sauerkraut Shares
$9 per week/18 weeks
From our friends at OlyKraut. Receive a variety of krauts each week for our 18 week season. Flavors include Original, Eastern European, Fire Chi, Spicy Garlic Chi, Curry Kraut and Sour Pickles.

Yogurt Shares
$12.25 per week/9 weeks
From our neighbors at Flying Cow Creamery. Receive two 32 oz. jars of old-fashioned yogurt made without additives or thickeners. This rich and creamy yogurt pairs well with sweet or savory meals. The yogurt is delivered in a reusable cooler bag bi-weekly, though jars and bags are returned the next week in order to prepare for the next delivery.

Handcrafted Cheese Share
$25 per week/8 weeks
The Cheese Share will include a variety of handcrafted sheep, goat and cows' milk cheese by The Black Sheep Creamery, Steamboat Island Goat Farm, Domina Dairy and more! Approximately 1.5 lbs of cheese will be delivered every other week (8 deliveries).

For more information on our partners please click here.

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