Thank you so much for a wonderful season of delicious food, and for all your hard work growing it! My partner and I enjoyed it so much.
We moved out here from Denver, CO, and we are constantly floored by how much brilliant, healthy food is accessible to us. We especially admire all the work you Helsingers and your extended community do! You’ve given us the opportunity to eat healthy, locally grown, organic food all through the growing season. Thank you for helping us feed our bodies good things! Yay!

-Jessica, Seattle


I just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed all the beautiful produce you’ve given us and how much we appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. We feel you have improved the quality of our lives! Already going into remorse that it’s only going to last another month!!

-Kim, Seattle


Thank you for all of your hard work this season (and beyond). This was my 2nd year as a CSA member, and as long as we live in Seattle, we intend to be members. Thanks to Helsing Junction, my 3 year old learned to love raw kale & spinach salads, tried bok choy, fell in LOVE with fresh garbanzo beans (asks me for them every week), ate eggplant “french fries”, tried just about everything we brought in and is still nibbling on carrots regularly because they help him see airplanes far away. The adventure of picking up our “farm box” and putting them in our basket and meeting other Helsing Junction kids at our pickup spot was enough to pique his interest in things that would have been far more challenging for him to try. We’re looking forward to making some pumpkin treats with our sugar pie pumpkins this weekend. Thanks again, and I hope you get some much deserved R&R this winter.

-Kimberly, Seattle



I don’t know how you manage to make a CSA with 900 participants feel so special. I feel a closeness to the farm that makes me cheer when I see pictures of flowers and cry when I see moldy garlic as if it were my own. It is a gift to translate that magic to us city dwellers. I always have to refrain from responding to the newsletter with some little anecdote or yippee when I see there will be the first X of the season.
Thank you!

-Melissa, Seattle


Thank you for another fantastic year of the best tasting vegetables on the planet!

-Liann, Seattle


We love you and think you are fabulous. I love everything about the CSA: your newsletter and open descriptions about everything, the delicious and healthy food you grow for us, the fact that we are “part” of the farm by eating what grows and not being picky-choosy about what we do and don’t want to receive each week. I am always happy with whatever shows up in the box and know that you have put time and love into growing it for me. Helsing CSA is totally delicious, totally simple and down to earth. Thank you, favorite farmers!

-Susan and Ava, Seattle


Oh my, what beautiful, tasty veggies!! Thank you so much. The butter head lettuce was truly a thing of beauty! And the strawberries…yum! I had (almost) forgotten how much better your veggies are than anything I can get at the store. I am so grateful that you all do what you do!

– Jeannie, Bothell


Your farmshare boxes have been a highlight of the summer for me! The flowers have been incredibly beautiful and long-lasting, the recipes are wonderful and I’ve now tried some produce I’d never even heard of before. Kudos to all of you.

-Marijo, Olympia


A big thank you for another amazing year. This summer in our house we’ve been encouraging the kids to count the number of colors present in each meal as a way to ensure we are eating a wonderful variety of foods. Last Friday night set a record- the bounty we used from our Thursday box created a dinner with 11 colors in it!
So, from the bottom of our very satisfied stomachs, thanks, for all that you do.

-Cole & Eleanor, Olympia


As I prepare to pick up my last CSA box of the season, I wanted to let you know how impressed and surprised I have been with the CSA experience. I doubt I am your typical customer– I eat more meat than vegetables, only buy organic when my wife forces me, and have never before eaten about 1/3 of the items that were in the CSA boxes. The main reason we decided to subscribe to the program was to “force” our family to eat more vegetables. My wife and I are both adventurous eaters, but our teenage son and 9 year-old daughter, not so much.
I must say that had I known the quantity and variety of produce that would arrive each week in our “small” share, I probably would have been scared away from the program. The saving grace for me was your recipes. I love to cook and could have searched the web for recipes to accommodate garlic scapes or tomatillos, but I never had to venture farther than your own recipe collection. The quality and variety of your recipes was top-notch, and finding recipes that incorporated three, four, or even five of the items in our CSA box felt like matching all the numbers on a lottery ticket.

Thank you for introducing our family to the wonders of fresh, locally grown produce– I know we will be back for more next year, and I think we may bring a few more converts with us. The ultimate compliment I can pass along came early in the season from my 13 year-old son, who turned up his nose as he watched four or five different vegetables go into a pasta dish. Forced to try the dish or go without dinner, he proceeded to polish off two full helpings and then pushed back from the table and said simply “I would eat that again.”

-Pete, Aberdeen


I just wanted to say I am sooo excited about the CSA starting up for the season! We were first time members last year and had a wonderful time cooking, eating, and knowing just where our food was coming from. We loved how much more in tune with the seasons we felt, and how the variety of produce kept us trying new recipes and staying
excited about our cooking all season long. Our storage share has only recently run out. Our first CSA pick up day is June 18th, which just happens to be my birthday! What a wonderful birthday present getting our very first box of the year will be!
Thanks for all you do.

-Anne, Seattle


This is my first year as a “share holder” and I cannot begin to tell me how much I am loving it! My pick up day is Wednesday, and I start getting excited about it on Tuesday night. I’m sure my co-workers think I am a little too excited about my veggies, and maybe they are right, but oh well. I love being able to do something good for myself and my family. I love learning to cook new things, and learning to prepare old things in new ways. I love that I had to go buy some extra chard at the store because I ran out and didn’t want to wait for my share to arrive before I had more (this one is mostly just because I love that I am so excited about dark leafy greens). I love supporting the farm. I love seeing other people support the farm. I love my drop site where I can pick up some seafood to serve with my veggies and support another local business. Oh- so what I was really trying to say is- THANK YOU!!!!

-Carrie, Olympia


I just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful food and recipes we received from you in our first year of CSA membership. Tuesdays rapidly became my favorite day of the week…I loved getting the news from the farm almost as much as I enjoyed opening the box to see what goodies were in store for us that week. It was such a pleasure to enjoy familiar favorites as well as be challenged to experiment with produce that I might not ever buy, when left to my own devices. Kale, cauliflower and parsnips are now happily entrenched in my veggie lexicon, thanks to the CSA!
I’ve saved all the recipes from the season and will definitely make many of them again and again. I’m looking forward to next year’s subscription already. I’m so happy the CSA model has been a success- both for your farm, and for so many others. It’s so gratifying to see this type of relationship taking hold in our communities, to feel like we are doing something about the problem of industrial agriculture and climate change, while at the same time fostering a love of good whole foods…something that’s been slipping away from recent generations.
Thanks again and best wishes!

-Nancy, Seattle